5 Traditional Moroccan Food and Drinks You Must Try

5 Traditional Moroccan Food and Drinks You Must Try

I don’t consider myself foodie, but I love eating different foods when I travel. For some reason, locals always seem to direct me to the fast restaurants and going to Morocco was no different. On our free afternoon in Marrakech,  my friends and I signed up to take a food tour through the Medina with Marrakech Food Tours. In addition to visiting the local baker who bakes and sells bread for local shops and neighbors, we ate street and traditional Moroccan food, snacks, and desserts. If you’re interested in trying delicious Moroccan food and drinks, here are some that are definitely worth trying.

Moroccan food and drinks Avocado smoothie and snacks

Moroccan Food and drinks - Dates and nuts


Couscous is a traditional Berber delicacy in the North African region served with stew on top. The couscous in Chefchaouen was so good and I had it again during our food tour in Marrakech. The shop on the tour was located in a special souk area for widowed women and mothers. Men are traditionally the breadwinners in Moroccan culture, but it is nice to know that there is an opportunity for women to generate a source of income for themselves and children. The restaurant owner also collects lunch orders and caters for souk shop owners.

Moroccan food and drinks Moroccan Couscous

Moroccan Mint Tea

Often served as a welcome drink, Moroccan Tea is one of the most traditional Moroccan drinks. You can find it in coffee shops, hotels or when entering a local’s home. Green tea is the most typical type of tea served in Morocco. It’s brewed with fresh mint and lots of sugar.

Moroccan food and drinks Mint Tea

Nous nous

If you prefer coffee over tea, make sure you try nous nous which is half milk, half espresso. Visiting a local cafe and ordering nous nous will get you to be served as a local. Nous nous was one of the traditional Moroccan drinks that came in handy for our early mornings especially on the drive from Fez to Marrakech. Find out how to make this traditional Moroccan coffee drink at home in this post by Maroc Mama.

Tangia & Tagine

Tangia & tagine are flavorful traditional Moroccan dishes named after the earthenware pots in which they are cooked. Tagine pots have a conically shaped top while a Tangia pots look like vases. Tangia is a local dish in Marrakech of mainly beef or lamb. Our tour guide mentioned that Tangia is often called a “bachelor’s meal” since it only consists of meat; we ate ours with freshly baked bread.

Moroccan food and drinks Tangia
Lamb Tangia
Moroccan food and drinks Tagine
Chicken Tagine

Poms Soda

Poms is an apple-flavored Moroccan drink. Dining in restaurants, coke products were recommended, but when we were offered poms, we really liked it! The Poms soda honestly reminded me of a Solo Apple J from Trinidad. My friends even loved it so much, they bought bottles from a local supermarket to take home.

Moroccan food and drinks Poms Soda

After a while, we DID get tired of eating Moroccan food, but the meals we ate during the trip were really good. On my next visit, I hope to try some Pastilla and more of the desserts.

5 traditional Moroccan Food and Drinks You Must Try

Have you tried any traditional Moroccan food and drinks before?

21 thoughts on “5 Traditional Moroccan Food and Drinks You Must Try

  1. Mikelah

    Yummy!!! All of these look great!!


    1. Joanna E

      I need to find a Moroccan spot near me because I’m missing the couscous. So good!


  2. Donyell

    The Chicken Tangine and Couscous looks so good!! I’ve never tried Moroccan food before. I would have to try the Nous Nous as well since I’m more of a coffee person.


  3. JustErinSmith

    I consider myself a foodie and I love to try new food when traveling too! I went to Disney in Florida this past summer and Epcot has a Moroccan village! I tried Couscous there and it was pretty delicious! They also had a belly dancing show while we ate. So much fun!


  4. Ashley C.

    All of these look delicious! I’m a huge fan of trying new dishes from other cultures and Moroccan food is now on my list. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Giselle Santos

    Girl you got me hungry! That couscous looks sooo good!


  6. Crystal Santoria

    All of these look Good. I love tasting food from different cultures.


  7. E. Jones

    All of the dishes looked good and I never tried Moroccan food before…..well I had couscous but it didn’t look like what you posted, LOL. I will have to look up to see if there is any Moroccan restaurants in my area. Thanks for sharing love.


  8. Ashleigh.Noelle

    I’ve been wanting to try new foods. That was my goal. Try a new dish every month from a different culture. Thank you for regrounding my focus! This post is everything


    1. Joanna E

      you’re welcome. Glad it helped.


  9. Shakita

    Love Moroccan food! Esp fish tagine


  10. Sheena Steward

    All this looks good! One of the best things about travel is food. Glad you were able to find some good spots and delicious food.


  11. Carissa (The Green Eyed Lady)

    Ive never had Moroccan Food…but it looks delicious! I wonder if we have some Moroccan restaurants in my city!


  12. thestyleperk

    Everything looks delicious (minus the couscous because I don’t eat it,lol)! These pictures are making me hungry and thirsty!


  13. Mimi Green

    It looks yummy! I’ve never had Moroccan Food, I’ve heard of couscous and seen it in the store but I’ve never tried it. I would go for the tea first because I am a tea lover.


  14. staciesayzso

    Wow, these dishes look really interesting. I never had anything other than Moroccan chicken with olives.


  15. Ramona Collins

    These dishes look good. I would love to try the couscous and the Poms. Thanks for sharing your food journey.


  16. MUAKimPorter

    I love tangia. We had the best one at Riad Gallery 49 in Marrakesh. Moroccan Mint tea for the win. I love Pastilla too. I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday about the vegetables. It was honestly not one of our faves because we thought they cooked them too done.


  17. Acasha

    I love traveling and finding new food and restaurants! This looks good!!


  18. Kiwi

    I am a big foodie so thanks for this! I have always wanted to go to Morocco so this food list I need to try to get a sample of some of this food.


  19. Adeola Naomi

    My mouth is watering has I read this post! All my fave Moroccan bites!


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