Essentials For a Long Haul Flight

Essentials For a Long Haul Flight

I experienced my first intercontinental trip this year to Colombia, but the 5-hour flight has nothing on the 10 hours to Greece or 15+ hour flight I’ll be taking to Thailand. There were no issues on the way to Cartagena since I was used to the flight length going to Trinidad, but the red eye to Athens was slightly rough. With the experience from going Greece, here are eight basic essentials that I learned to bring for a long haul flight.


Bring travel-sized basics to smell and look refreshed post flight.

Hand Sanitizer and Anti-bacterial Wipes

There are so many germs on the plane, especially in the bathrooms.

Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks keep incoming light away from your eyes, helping you sleep better.

Travel Pillow

To avoid the bobble head effect and sleep comfortably, travel pillows are a great option.


Planes are cold. Bring a travel blanket to keep yourself warm.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones help reduce the sound of noisy passengers. You can also try using ear plugs.

Battery Power-bank

For charging your phone or electronic device, battery power banks are a MUST.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are designed to help maintain blood flow and reduce discomfort and swelling in your legs.


Bring a book, tablet, Kindle, laptop, iPad, portable game or something that will make the time pass by quicker.

Essentials For a Long Haul Flight

Did I miss anything? What are some other essentials to bring for a long haul flight?

15 thoughts on “Essentials For a Long Haul Flight

  1. Kemkem

    For me, l like books on my iPad. On the long haul flights you have amazing choices of movies it’s hard to get bored. My secret? red wine with dinner or lunch since they’re free. One bottle and l’m down for the count 🙂


    1. Joanna E

      Agreed! The wine will get me sleepy easy. lol I watched about 6 movies on the way to Greece. Hope I have a great choice on this flight.


  2. Terri

    This is a great list. I always bring my pillow and blanket. I wouldn’t dare use the ones provided on flight. I never thought about packing a power bank though.


  3. robincharmagne

    This is a good list. I would add snacks, airline snacks are not that great. And hand wipes are good to have on hand.


    1. Joanna E

      Yes, snack are always good. Thanks for reading Robin.


  4. Kim

    This is a great list! I pack most, if not all. I wear compression tights, I haven’t yet tried the socks though. Any type of sanitizing product is necessary


  5. Don

    Great idea about the socks. We will pick some up.


  6. Donna Shana

    Ok, good list. You know I never remember to get compression socks. I have a bit of a restless leg problem and I usually end up standing or shifting in my seat the entire flight!


  7. Tanya Barnett

    I carry all of these except for the socks. I never thought about wearing the compression socks.


  8. Latoya

    I flew for the first time this year and I was scared out of my mind. Mind you the total flight time was only about an 1.5 (30 minutes to ATL and a layover for a 1hr flight to Orlando). So, I’m not sure if I will ever be able to stomach a longer flight than that, but I will keep these in mind. Word is I’m supposed to be going to a blogger conference in Texas next year and I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to manage that flight, lol!


  9. RaNesha

    We plan to visit New Zealand soon I am going to borrow your tips


  10. Mimi Green

    The longest flight I’ve done is 6 hours. I don’t board a flight without having my peppermint candy and oil.


  11. Kirstin Fuller

    Fab advice. Most of these I travel with all the time. I pack several power banks just in case one is depleted, I’ll always have a power source ready.


  12. Thirty30Courtney

    I really need to start wearing compression socks. I act like I’m invincible because I’m 27 but my health is important. Thanks for the reminder.


  13. Kiwi

    I never thought about compression socks! I want to go to Tokyo early 2017 so I will remember to get me some!


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