Envision 2016 Vision Board Party

I made a few goals this year and was excited to see the invitation from Tiffani of MyMommyVents‘ Envision 2016: Vision Board Party at Hope a Empowerment Center in Brooklyn. I’ve known of friends and family members taking them before, but never knew where or when to do one myself.

Envision 2016

Having no clue what to expect, we were instructed to select pictures and words that “spoke” to us and encouraged to interact with our table mates as they searched for content for their own boards. We learned that the vision board is basically a visual outline of what you want to accomplish for a certain time period. I decided to choose pictures and words matching my goals for this year: fitness, travel, home organization, and cooking.

Vision Board

Besides pasting my personal goals for the year through pictures, I was able to connect with women who were existing and studying to be medical professionals, writers, fellow bloggers, moms and singles. Thank you Tiffani for hosting such a great event. I can’t wait to see my goals come alive.

vision Board Party

Have you created a Vision Board before?

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