New York JFK to London LHR: Virgin Atlantic Economy Class Review

Virgin Atlantic Economy Class JFK to LHR Review

The first stop on my trip to Europe was visiting family in London. I’ve taken several trips across the Atlantic, but this was my first to the U.K. and flying with Virgin Atlantic. With the popularity of low-cost carriers going to Europe from the East Coast, I didn’t want to spend a lot and this flight fit my budget. It was an added bonus that I didn’t have to pay extra for luggage and food. A text from my friend and poll via Instagram stories prompted this post so if you’re planning to fly from NYC to London and not sure which airline to choose, keep reading my Virgin Atlantic economy review.

Flight information for Airbus  A330-300 – New York  (JFK) to  London  (LHR)

  • Scheduled: 21:30 (02:30 UTC) – 09:30 (09:30 UTC)4
  • Duration: 7h 0m
  • Actual: 22:22 (03:22 UTC) Departed 52 min delayed 10:19 (10:19 UTC) Landed  49 min delayed
  • Duration: 7h 49m

Check-In and Boarding

A benefit for traveling out of JFK is taking the LIRR or bus to the air train that stops at each terminal. Virgin Atlantic is a partner with Delta and flies from JFK Terminal 4. Taking advantage of being a SkyMiles member, I was eligible to receive points for this flight. 24 hours before departure I checked in online, picked my seat and added my boarding pass to my phone for use at security and boarding. I just had a carry-on so I went right to the TSA Pre-Check line for security.

Boarding surprisingly went well. I’m used to long lines and disorganization from passengers, but each passenger boarded when their row was called. My seat was 46H and there was more than enough space to load my carry-on in the overhead compartment. Besides using the restroom (which was clean), I only got up to walk around when my seatmates decided to do the same.

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Cabin Service and Food

The attendants started cabin service by bringing us landing cards, menus, and hot towels. I requested some water to go along with the sour cream and chive flavored pretzels we were given.

Virgin Atlantic Snack

Here is a photo of the Virgin Atlantic economy menu from my flight from NYC to London.

Virgin Atlantic Economy class menu

I chose the mushroom farfalle bake as my main course and it included a mini bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. The meal also came with a bottle of water, white cheddar cheese, and bread. After meal service, flight attendants came around offering tea, coffee, and water.

Virgin Atlantic Economy Dinner

About an hour before landing we received a yogurt with granola, orange juice and a choice of coffee or tea for breakfast. I didn’t have any orange juice, but I did have the yogurt with some hot tea and it filled me up until I got picked up by my aunt and uncle at the airport.

Breakfast on Virgin Atlantic Economy

Virgin Atlantic Economy Class In-Flight Entertainment

The cabin for Virgin Atlantic economy seats had a 3-3-3 arrangement with each seat having its own entertainment screen. At the seat was an included headphones, blanket, and pillow set. I was very impressed by Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight entertainment selection on this flight. In addition to showing flight information and movies, there were TV shows, music, and games. There was also a special section dedicated to kids. Since I worked my full 9-5 shift and just came home to shower and get my luggage, I thought I’d be knocked out on the flight. Unfortunately, I did not sleep and instead caught up on movies like Thor: Ragnarok, Marshall, Dunkirk, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and War for the Planet of Apes.

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Overall Experience

The flight was slightly delayed, but after a little over 7 hours, we finally landed in London. The Virgin Atlantic economy seats were comfortable and there was plenty of legroom. I was able to stretch my legs on occasion without touching the footrest. As a first time flier on their airline, the experience flying Virgin Atlantic Economy was impressive. The attendants were friendly and helpful when needed, I enjoyed my meals and due to my insomnia, the in-flight entertainment was perfect.

Virgin Atlantic Economy Class Review

Have you flown Virgin Atlantic before?

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