My Top 3 Travel Essentials

No matter the length of my stay, I’ve learned to go with certain travel essentials. Because of work, most of my trips are no longer than a week, but the necessities remain the same.  Here’s a list of my travel essentials.

Large Tote or Small Carry-on

Heading to summer vacation in Trinidad in 2004, my mother, sister and I had a layover in Miami that went from a 2-hour delay to a complete cancellation. It was during hurricane season and unfortunately happened both going and coming back. As annoying as it was, the second time around, we learned our lesson. Since then, I always pack a clean set of undies, deodorant, travel sized lotion, soap and a washcloth in my carry-on. We were fortunate to get a free hotel room provided by the airline, but you never know if you need to stay in the airport overnight. I also try to keep my makeup basics if I decide to experience the city’s night-life.

Comfortable Shoes

Based on my recaps of Toronto, and Atlanta, you may notice that I like to explore the city I’m visiting. Whether it is a long weekend or 5-7 days, I carry a pair of comfortable sneakers to walk around in. My sneaker of choice is the New Balance 550 v3. In my most recent trip to Puerto Plata, they especially came in handy during the City Tour and Outback Safari excursions.

Camera and other Electronics

I always bring my camera to get the best shots. I purchased a Sony A3000 and it has been a great investment in capturing moments during trips. I also have my iPad available to play games or read during my flight or long road trip.

No matter where I go, of course, I bring my cell phone and ID with me. I used to have an unlocked Motorola Razor phone and purchase a SIM card out of the country. Now, I just keep my iPhone handy. Most recently I’ve learned to take copies or pictures of important documents just in case.

What are some of your travel essentials?

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