Top 5 Short-Term Travel Essentials

Top Short-term Travel Essentials
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Due to my full-time job, I’ve learned to spread out my vacation so I do a lot of short-term travel. If you’re looking to travel more and not sure what to bring, here are my top five short-term travel essentials to get you started.

Large Tote or Small Carry-on

Heading to Trinidad for a summer vacation, my mother, sister and I had a layover in Miami that went from a 2-hour delay to a complete cancellation. It was during hurricane season and unfortunately happened both going and coming back. As annoying as it was, the second time around, we learned our lesson. Since then, I always travel with a carry-on. We were fortunate to get a free hotel room provided by the airline, but you never know if you need to stay at the airport overnight.


As mentioned, you never know if you need to stay in an airport overnight. If you don’t pack light, I recommend packing basic toiletries in your tote or carry-on. I generally have one or two clear plastic bags with health and beauty basics such as deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, lipstick, lipgloss or chapstick, lotion and facial cream. All of the items I bring along are in TSA approved containers to avoid checking in luggage. Weather and destination permitting, I will bring along sunscreen or mosquito repellant.

First Aid Kit

Ever since my trip to DR, I have included a mini first aid kit in my travel essentials. This is packed in my carry-on or personal bag along with my toiletries. Basic essentials to include in a travel first-aid kit are Emergen-C, band-aids, alcohol wipes, anti-diarrheal, and aspirin.

Comfortable Shoes

Based on my travel guides, you may notice that I like to walk around the cities I’m visiting. Whether it is an extended weekend or a week, I carry a pair of comfortable sneakers. My sneaker of choice is the New Balance 550 v3. In my most recent trip to Puerto Plata, they especially came in handy during the City Tour and Outback Safari excursions.

Camera and other Electronics

No matter what, my phone is essential for keeping in touch with family or using apps like Google Maps or Translate. I used to have an unlocked flip phone, but now I just keep my smartphone handy. I sometimes bring along iPad available to play games or read on a long flight or road trip.

How do I get great photos on Instagram and my blog? I always bring my camera to get the best shots. My initial camera was a Sony A3000 and recently upgraded to a Sony a6000. Both cameras have been a great investment in capturing moments during trips throughout the years. Here’s a full list of my camera equipment:

What are some of your short-term travel essentials?

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