3 Tips for Visiting the Acropolis of Athens

3 Tips for Visiting the Acropolis of Athens

Last summer I made my first trip Europe through a glitch fare from NYC to Athens, Greece. While I didn’t go island hopping like everyone and their mother shows on their Instagram, I did everything I wanted to do which was explore Athens, eat the food, and visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Acropolis of Athens.


The word acropolis comes from the Greek words akron (“highest point, extremity”) and polis, (“city”).  If you’re planning on visiting Greece, here are three tips for going to the Acropolis.

Get there Early

We went to the Acropolis of Athens straight after dropping off our luggage, but the lines were SUPER long. Getting to the Acropolis early ensures you beat the crowds and you can get some the best photos of the ruins and the view of the city.

3 Tips for Visiting the Acropolis of Athens

Purchase Advanced Tickets

If lines aren’t your thing, you can purchase tickets in advance through various tour companies. Some are guided while others aren’t. You can also get combo tickets to the Acropolis museum which is a 5-8 minute walk away.

Skip the Tour Guide

I recommend skipping a guide if you already have good knowledge of the area. On our first night, we were given an overview of the different temples and their uses so there really wasn’t a need to hear about it again. There are signs to read available and I’ve also been learning about Greek history since the 6th grade. I don’t know everything, but I know a good amount.

Acropolis of Athens

Make sure you take tons of pictures. You never know the next time you will be there. If you have time, visit the Acropolis Museum. It’s less than 10 Euros to get in and has a lot of detailed information regarding the ruins. 

Have you visited the Acropolis of Athens?

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