Thrill The World NYC 2014

I never grew up celebrating Halloween, but this year I went to the annual “Trill the World NYC” flash mob in Coney Island, Brooklyn. This was also a tribute to the late king of pop, Michael Jackson with people dancing to his mega-hit “Thriller”. You may remember from the Hip-Hop and Soca Dance classes I took with LaShaun Prescott and Kiara Ross earlier this year that I have some past dance experience. Since I’m a big fan of Michael Jackson, a lover of dance and never experienced a flash mob, I figured it was worth seeing.

In addition to Thrill the World, there were lots of kids and adults in costume throughout the whole boardwalk for Luna Park’s last day of the annual Halloween Harvest that includes trick or treating, pumpkin picking and more. The “big show” was at 6 PM, but on the top of the hour, participants were practicing dance steps, getting “zombie-fied” with makeup and channeling their inner King of Pop by listening to the DJ play Michael Jackson hits throughout the years. It was a beautiful day, so in between practices, I took a stroll on the boardwalk before the sunset. (My knitted Uggs prevented me from walking on the beach). At least it was nice to look.

From the nice weather to my first time eating Nathan’s at Coney Island to the performance and sunset, I had a fun day. I never knew being on the beach would be so nice offseason with decent weather. I think it’s too cold to now, but come spring and early fall in the coming months, I will definitely do it again.

Have you ever participated or witnessed a flash mob?

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