How To Take Care of Natural Hair when Traveling

How to Take Care of Natural Hair When Traveling

After a harsh Winter that didn’t want to leave, warm weather is finally among us. Summer vacations are right around the corner and whether it be for the weekend or longer, you need to keep your hair tamed. Below are 3 easy tips s for taking care of natural hair when traveling.

Bring Your Hair Essentials

If you happen to spend 3-5 or more days at any location, bring a conditioner to cowash, a leave-in, and a styling product. My conditioner and leave-in of choice are my staples: Tresemme Naturals and Paul Mitchell: The Conditioner. You can also bring a spray bottle. If it is empty, use the leave-in and some water to make your own ‘hair cocktail’. As far as hair tools go, bring some ouchless ponytail holders or hairpins to keep your hair up and a satin scarf or bonnet to sleep in.

Use TSA-Approved Containers

If you travel frequently, purchase travel-sized containers. They come in handy if there are specific hair products used based on preference or medical reasons. It also is more cost effective than purchasing travel sized products in drug stores. You can purchase these containers at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Sally’s, your local beauty supply store, or online at 


Protective Style

Wear a wig, weave, extensions or any other kind of protective styles. This is honestly is the method I use the most. I usually ask my sister to braid it in an updo or a style like I’ve worn in Trinidad, and even as a bridesmaid or wedding guest. If I have “free hair” and don’t want to style my hair every morning, I just put it in a halo braid or two cornrows and keep it moving like I did in Puerto Plata.

How do you take care of your natural hair when traveling?

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