Stylish Handmade Jewelry by The Pink Locket

Stylish Handmade Jewelry by The Pink Locket
I received the items mentioned from The Pink Locket. All opinions reflected are my own

I love stylish jewelry and support black-owned businesses. For the months of July and August, I received two handmade pieces from The Pink Locket Jewelry Box. The Pink Locket is a company that sells handmade jewelry using copper, sterling silver, bronze, and gold filled metals. They also include services to repurpose vintage jewelry, creating new pieces.

The Pink Locket Stacked Bangles
The Pink Locket Jewelry Box is a monthly subscription service that includes a piece of 100% handmade jewelry from the materials mentioned. When initially signing up, you choose a style that matches your personality or fashion sense: Bohemian, Personalized, Statement or Minimalist. Depending on the piece type, the regular value ranges from $20-$60 and pieces vary from month to month. Pieces include earrings, rings, necklace, bracelet or wine charms. When signing up, you have the ability to choose one of the plans below:

In this video, I give a quick rundown of the items I received from The Pink Locket Jewelry Box in July and August

I absolutely loved the earrings! They reminded me of mini steel pans and I wore them for Labor Day weekend. I was also pleased that I didn’t receive any kind of allergic reaction when wearing the earrings or the bangles; I have pretty sensitive skin and it was a big concern.
The Pink Locket Earrings
If you would like more information or want to subscribe to the monthly service, check out the official website.

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