4 Hair Relaxer Alternatives When You’re Bored With Your Natural Hair

4 Hair Relaxer Alternatives When You're Bored With Your Natural Hair

I love my natural hair, but there are times I get tired of doing the same twist-outs, braid-outs, and puffs. As cost-effective and beneficial as being natural is for my funds and health, there’s just no way I would go back to a relaxer. In the 5+ years that I have been natural, I’ve seen women relax their hair due to boredom, reaching a “hair length goal”, or because they have no idea how to care for their hair. Focusing on the first reason, here are four hair relaxer alternatives when you’re bored with your natural hair.

Straighten Your Hair

The first relaxer alternative I would suggest is straightening your hair. The shrinkage is real and sometimes you may miss doing that hair flip when you walk away or wearing a ponytail. A benefit to having healthy natural hair is the ability to go from curly to straight. I typically straighten my hair once or twice a year and maintain it for 3-4 weeks at a time. Having straight hair is also a type of low manipulation style. Whether you’re doing a blowout and straightening on your own, or professionally, make sure to use a heat protectant to minimize heat damage and have a good straight natural hair regimen.

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Add Some Color

Funny enough, I STARTED my natural hair journey after transitioning for a little over a year. Adding color to your natural doesn’t always have to be permanent. You can use hair chalks, temporary hair color spray or get a hair rinse. The fun part of being natural these days is “DIY”, but I suggest visiting a professional stylist when thinking about rinses, bleaches and permanent dyes.

Get a Hair Cut

It is also possible that the hair is damaged due to breakage or split ends so a lot of naturals do a “second big chop”. These options can range from going completely bald, getting a low caesar, diva or tapered cut. If you’re not comfortable using scissors or clippers on your own, see a stylist.

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Protective Style

Get some crochet or box braids, a sew in or wear a wig. Protective Styles are a great relaxer alternative because they give you a break from doing your hair. It is also a good option for those naturals with Hand In Hair Syndrome. Just remember to take care of your hair when it’s in a protective style by keeping it moisturized. You should also continue to wear a bonnet or satin pillowcase to protect your hair during bedtime.

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Switching up your hairstyles every once in a while without damaging its health shows your creativity. Whether you use these options or not, it is still YOUR CHOICE.

4 Hair Relaxer Alternatives When You're Bored With Your Natural Hair

What are some other hair relaxer alternatives for natural hair?

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