Radio City Christmas Spectacular

I love doing new and different things in my own city. To get myself in the “Christmas Spirit“, I attended the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

It was my first time in Radio City. As you enter the venue, there is a gorgeous grand chandelier I have ever seen. Catered to children, it isn’t a long show; about an hour and a half or so. I was able to get a discount from my job. (If your job has plumb benefits or working advantage, look into it. You may get a good deal on shows and attractions in and out of your city). My seats were in the 3rd Mezzanine. There were Orchestra and Balcony-level tickets available, I just didn’t want to pay that price. If I went with the kids, I probably would have purchased it as I do for Disney on Ice each year. They suggest no flash photography or video once you’re inside.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Highlights for me were the Rockettes hands down. I was EXTREMELY excited to see a black Rockette. I felt I was on stage! With the lack of mainstreamed African American dancers outside of Ailey out there, she represented very well. As a former dancer, I admired their precision more than anything. Every move was literally in synch. They included tap, ballet, jazz and even hip-hop moves in the choreography. My absolute favorite was the Parade of the Wooden Soldier segment. The girl that portrayed Clara in The Nutcracker did a good job as well.




I get the show is to incorporate all views of Christmas to accommodate everyone, but “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” annoyed me. I did however like the live animals and acknowledgment of the baby Jesus as King. The experience was great and I hope to take my nieces and nephews sometime next year.

Have you seen the Radio City Christmas Spectacular?

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