Winter Protective Style Challenge

Since November 23, I’ve been sporting kinky twists and I finally took them out today. I honestly felt very proud of myself for keeping it in for 30 days straight. The only time I usually wear a consistent protective style is when I’m on vacation; styling my hair is the last thing I want to do. Since I’m trying to discipline myself more with protective styling, why not do a “Winter Protective Style Challenge“?

What Is a Protective Style?

Protective styles are ones that don’t consist of most, if not all, of the hair being worn loose. Wearing the hair in a protective style requires that the ends are tucked away and sealed with some kind of moisturizer. Popular protective styles include but are not limited to braids, Bantu knots, twists, and buns.

What I’ll be doing for the Challenge

I will be keeping my hair in consistent protective styles a minimum 5 days in the week from January 5 until March 30. I’m allowed ONE (1) heat pass for a week MINIMUM. The style may vary from week to week. If I find the time, I may do mini twists with my hair or install the Marley/Havana twists and leave them in 3-5 weeks at a time.

Check back for updates as I document my protective style challenge.

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