Belted Dress with Patent Leather Pumps

My first wedding of the year was my best friend’s at the Queens Botanical Garden in Flushing, Queens. Weeks before, the question ‘what to wear?’ became a constant ring in my ear. My best friend, being a male could care less and suggested an older outfit or dress. Me being me refused and went to searching.

I bought the INC International Concepts belted printed A-Line dress in “Butterfly Fields” from Macy’s. I thought it would blend perfectly with the garden theme. For my shoes, I pulled out an oldie, but goodie pair of Marc Fisher patent leather pumps. I accessorized with a Tiffany and Co. Heart Tag charm bracelet, necklace and a clutch from Reshma’s Closet.


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I had no idea what I wanted to do with my hair, but decided to do an ‘overnight wash and go’. Products used were Eco Styler Gel, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Detangler and bobby pins to lay my roots down.


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After 3-4 hours of sleep, my hair was still damp. I also had to reshape my hair. Because of frizz, I did two flat twists to make a ‘headband’ and brought the rest of the hair over.

I went very simple with my makeup. Here’s what I used.


I received a lot of compliments on my look. I rarely ever wear my hair in a wash and go’s outside of the house or without it in a puff. The only annoying part was the constant “you look like Joan from Girlfriends” comments. I was a good sport, but it just bugged me. Overall it was a beautiful day and I cried my eyes out with tears of joy for my best friend’s new life journey.

What stores do you usually get outfits for weddings or social occasions? How do you choose a hair or makeup choice for that day?

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