Free in NYC: Afternoon at the Brooklyn Museum

by Joanna E
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For Independence Day, I went to the Brooklyn Museum to view the Art and Civil Rights in the Sixties exhibit. I love history, was obsessed with “The Sixties” series on CNN and hold a great interest in civil rights in the US so I just HAD to see it. Another good reason to go was the fact that it was only showing for that particular weekend not to mention it was free. 😉

OOTD Afternoon at the Brooklyn Musuem


Makeup for Brooklyn Museuem

It was a rainy morning that turned into a nice day. I wanted a simple Red-White-and-Blue like look so blue eyes, red lips

Eyes: Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara/ELF Palette
Lips: MAC Head in the Clouds
Blush: MAC Ambering Rose
Contour: Cover FX Pressed Powder – N110

In addition to the Civil Rights exhibit, I got to take a look at an exhibit on Ancient Egypt. I don’t think I’ve been so close to so many thousands of years old dead people, but it was really cool to see how the people lived their common lives at the time. It was my first time at the museum and I will definitely try my best to go back on another occasion. I ended the day going downtown for some Henny Coladas at Dallas BBQs and Fireworks at one of my favorite rooftop bar and lounges in the Sheraton Brooklyn. I saw fireworks as far as in New Jersey. Because of the condos building up downtown, it wasn’t the best view, but I had a great evening. I’ll try my best to make it to Dumbo for the show next time around.

Afternoon at the Brooklyn Museum

Shirt: Juicy Couture – Neiman Marcus
Blazer: Aqua – Bloomingdales
Pants: French Connection
Shoes: Mossimo Target
Earrings: Ralph Lauren studs – Macy’s
Necklace: Tiffany and Co

Have you visited the Brooklyn Museum for any of their exhibits?

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Antionette Blake October 29, 2014 - 1:07 PM

I haven’t been to a museum in NYC since I left in the 80’s, but they were my favorite places to visit on Sundays.


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