Breeze Through US Customs with the Mobile Passport App

Breeze Through US Customs with the Mobile Passport App

Do you hate waiting in the US Customs and Border Protection line especially after a long haul flight? Is the price of Global Entry too much for your budget? The Mobile Passport App may be your answer. I first learned about the Mobile Passport App coming through Miami from my trip to Curaçao. Had I known the process using the Mobile Passport App was so quick, I probably wouldn’t have missed my flight home. (It wasn’t that big of a deal since they sent me to the airport closer to home). Read more about the Mobile Passport app and how it can help you get through customs in less than 5 minutes!

What is the Mobile Passport App?

The Mobile Passport App is a free app available for iOS and Android devices. It enables travelers to submit their customs declaration form on their smartphone instead of the paper forms or electronic kiosks. This service is available for US citizens with a valid US passport, Canadian citizens with both a valid Canadian passport and B1 or B2 visa status and is authorized by US CBP. It doesn’t eliminate the process going through customs, but it makes it a lot easier.

How Safe is the Mobile Passport App?

The Mobile Passport app uses best practices for privacy to protect data that is submitted. Much like electronic kiosks, the data securely submits your information to CBP to review. After going through, the app gives you the option to store your passport information for future use or delete.

How To Use the Mobile Passport App

The process to use the Mobile Passport App is very easy. After downloading from the Google Play or App Store, scan your passport or enter your passport information manually. The next step is to enter flight information. When everything is verified and submitted, you’ll receive an electronic receipt with a QR code that expires four hours after being issued. Bring your passport and digital receipt to a CBP officer to scan and you’re done.

Please note, you must have a Wi-Fi or a cellular network connection to use the Mobile Passport app, submit the customs declaration form and receive the QR code receipt. 

Mobile Passport App process

Where To Use the Mobile Passport App

The Mobile Passport App is not accepted at every US airport, but you can visit their official website to sign up for their mailing list and get alerted for when it is available at an airport near you. I used the app on my recent trip from Greece and was in and out in about 5 minutes. If you are traveling with a family, this can be a huge time saver since kids don’t like to wait in long lines.

Breeze Through US Customs with the Mobile Passport App

Would you consider using the Mobile Passport App to expedite your wait in the US Customs and Border Protection line?

14 thoughts on “Breeze Through US Customs with the Mobile Passport App

  1. Nay

    this is really a good tool to have, basically in you pocket verse continually taking out important documents in and out in a place filled with so many people.


  2. Tia

    I have Global Entry but I have heard so many awesome things about the mobile passport app. I have an international trip planned in November so I will download this soon in preparation.


  3. jehava

    I didn’t even know this was an app! I will have to tell my parents about this as they are temporarily living out of the country!


  4. Marsha

    This is good to know! That’s so much more convenient!


  5. Holly

    I was just talking about this not too long ago. It is great especially if someone hasn’t already purchased Global Entry.


  6. Mimi Green

    This is so smart, with apps being all the rage it is smart of them to finally get on board. Now we need all of the airports to catch up to the technology.


  7. ty

    I had no idea. I’m going to use this next time I travel abroad.


  8. KenyaRae

    I saw this when I was at the airport last month. I was wondering how that worked. Definitely good info. I’m with Mimi, now these airports need to catch up…


  9. Elle Cole

    I love how agencies are evolving with technology. However, I would probably be one to delete my passport and store just for safety concerns. But I love the ease of use that this app seems to provide.


  10. Tamika

    Thank you so much! I”m going to the Bahamas in November. I can’t wait to use this!


  11. CJ from Thirty30Courtney

    I was so excited to finally try the app only to find out that it was “coming” in Boston and wasn’t available yet. The great thing is that I live in DFW and the closer I get to the holiday season, the more likely I am to use the app. Thanks for sharing your review!


  12. Kim

    It sounds like a great app. I downloaded it then deleted it because I was a bit scared about my info being in my phone on an app.


    1. Joanna E

      I did the same thing. 🙂


  13. Kiwi

    I just came from Cuba and I definitely need this app. I am legit gonna download it now this is so convenient


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