Caribana Festival King and Queen Showcase

by Joanna E
Caribana King

I spent my first vacation of 2014 in Toronto to play mas in the Caribana with my cousin. I attended many fetes throughout the weekend, but my first event was the Caribana Festival King and Queen Showcase at Lamport Stadium. It is a good, clean, AFFORDABLE show for family and anyone interested in Caribbean culture and keeping the ‘old mas’ traditions. This year’s halftime show included performances by JW and Blaze, Iwer George, Drupatee, and K. Rich.

Caribana King and Queen

Caribana 2014 King and Queen

Caribana Festival 2014 Mas Bands and Themes

  • Toronto Revellers – Warrior
  • Fantazia International – Unleash Your Fantasy
  • Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club – River of Mirrors
  • Carnival Nationz – HavanaTribal Carnival – Secret of Wingz
  • Connections Mastumes Band – Forces of Nature
  • Concept Costume Creators – Precious Jewels
  • Carnival Revolution – Visions in the Night

Congrats to Carnival Nationz as they swept the competition by winning all four mas titles. Their “Havana” theme was very creative and gave me hopes of visiting Cuba one day. Last summer was my first Caribana Festival King and Queen experience and I loved it more this year. Toronto has become one of my favorite summer destinations, especially during the Caribbean Carnival season. I plan to still visit to see the king and queen showcase, even when I’m not playing mas.

Here’s a video of some of the band’s performances

Have you ever attended the King and Queen showcase for Caribana?

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