Jazz at the Apollo Theater

One of my favorite vacations was in New Orleans Summer 2013. In addition to the great food, I loved the music, history and overall culture. After a long day at Fun Fearless Life, I trooped my way from Lincoln Center to Harlem to see Irvin Mayfield Jr and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra at The Apollo Theater.

Jazz at the Apollo Theater

I was so excited, I kept singing the “Showtime at the Apollo” theme song. I felt ‘I made it’ and wasn’t even performing. A plus for the show was Louis Armstrong’s induction into the Apollo Walk of Fame. There was a huge celebration with the band and community the night before; If it were anything close to the street performances in New Orleans, I’m sure it was a great night.

Songs performed were Stevie Wonder’s “Secret Life of Plants”, led by saxophonist Ricardo Pascal and James Williams’ rendition of Disney’s Toy Story “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. Aaron Neville even came to the stage to perform. It was an older crowd and very easy going, but I loved every bit of the show.

Have you been to the Apollo Theater before?

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