H+ | the Hip Hop Conservatory Community Class

by Joanna E

A friend of mine told me about the H+ | the Hip Hop Conservatory accepting NYC Dance Week vouchers and we were able to attend the community class after work today. I was kind of excited, being a lover of both dance and free or low-cost things to do in NY.

About H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory Community Class

H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory is based in New York City and founded by Safi A. Thomas. This institution is known for hip-hop dance education and is geared towards all skill levels of dance and fitness. There are multiple instructors in attendance to guide you if you need assistance during the class.

The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory community class is a 3-Hour Class that takes place on every Friday year-round from 7PM-10PM. You just have to arrive 15 minutes before class to register. It includes a Meditative Exercise, Flexibility Training, Jam Session, Cardio Dance Warm-Up, Choreography and an Improvisation Cypher.

My Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory Experience

I appreciate all kinds of dance, but I don’t have much interest in hip-hop. It was a good workout, but the assistant instructors went extra hard trying to get you to do it correctly. It took a lot of the “fun” of learning a new style of dance for me. They are VERY serious about it.

I understood the point of the meditative exercise, but it wasn’t very necessary to me.  You have to extend your arms out at shoulder height, forming the letter T with your body for about 10 minutes. Everyone was expected to do this and were told it could be done depending upon your mental will. Apparently, my mental will was weak because my arms were burning.

The instructors also showed their seriousness about the style of teaching in the cardio dance warm-up session. I have bad knees and there were moves I couldn’t do, but they kept insisting I do it. After a while, they weren’t bothered with me because I clearly wasn’t listening. The part that I REALLY liked was the choreography session. A 5-minute routine was taught and it included all of the portions that we learned in the cardio dance warm up and jam session exercises.

If you are serious about form and education of hip-hop dance and some hip-hop history, I recommend this class.  I do these types of classes for leisure, but I didn’t like this one.

Have you taken the Hip Hop Conservatory Community Class before?

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