Good Eats: Nagoya Sushi

Nagoya Sushi

As I was preparing to go on vacation last fall and the majority of our group came in on Thursday, I needed SOMETHING to do besides sunbathing by the pool Wednesday afternoon/evening. I wanted it to be nice, but affordable so I went to searching on deal sites. I found a $25 for $50 worth of food and drink at a Sushi bar in Orlando called Nagoya Sushi. There are two locations, one in Red Bug Lake Rd in Winter Springs and another on Dr. Phillips Blvd in Orlando. The latter was about 15-20 minutes from where we stayed in Kissimmee so we went.

I’ve NEVER been to a sushi restaurant before, but this one had really good reviews. I ate two rolls; a Sweet Potato and the highly suggested Orgasm Roll. The latter was like a party in my mouth. So good and flavorful. There was also spicy tuna rolls and eel, but I definitely didn’t touch that.

Nagoya Sushi2


Our total ended up being about $47, so the voucher covered it and we only had to pay the tax. Because the service and food were great, I just tipped more than the expected. I plan on being in the Central Florida/Orlando/Kissimmee area this year on a family vacation. Months later, I’m STILL talking about this restaurant, so I plan to take some family members.

Any sushi restaurant suggestions? Leave them below!

2 thoughts on “Good Eats: Nagoya Sushi

  1. Jovania M Pierre

    If you’re ever looking for sushi in NJ, there’s also a Nagoya here.. it’s really good sushi in town called Westfield. Then, about 5 minutes away is another place called Fujiyama Mama.

    Spicy tuna roll is my favorite try it next time!


    1. Joanna E

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look it up.


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