Exploring Toronto

Exploring Toronto

I took my first trip to Toronto in October of 2012. After months of conversation with family there, I purchased a Saturday-Tuesday Megabus ticket and was on my way. It was a long ride (about 8-12 hrs). We made two rest stops in upstate NY, a stop at the Buffalo Airport, Buffalo bus station and of course the US/Canadian Customs and Border Protection. The only disappointment I had was not getting my passport stamped when entering Canada. I took the red eye bus so I arrived in the late morning/early afternoon.

US/Canada Boarder

I pretty much rested my first day, but that Saturday night, we went out to a birthday gathering at C Club Karaoke and Lounge. It was pretty much a college bar with bunch of 19 and 20 year old kids not knowing how to control their liquor and making out with strangers. I sure missed the US’ 21+ age limit. It was definitely an experience and I felt kind of old.

Sunday after taking the Go Train from Rouge Hill to Union Station, we took a walk around the city to the CN Tower. The CN Tower formally the tallest Tower in the World and now the Tallest Free Standing Structure in the Western Hemisphere. We took a trip to the top on the glass-windowed elevator and I was pretty nervous. (I’ve been in the Empire State Building twice, but this doesn’t compare). The site shows views of Lake Ontario and even as far as Niagara on a clear day…breathtaking.

We also took a trip around the Steam Whistle Brewery, but the tours already ended. We just ended up taking pictures on and around the trains in the area. Before going home, we went to China town for souvenirs and to purchase some other items needed for my first Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner.

On Monday Columbus/Thanksgiving Day, I attended a peewee football game for the Scarborough Thunder at Birchmount Stadium. While it was just a kids game, I was excited because my cousins won. (Go Thunder!)


CN Tower

For my last day, we took a day trip to Niagara Falls. It was a weekday so there was little to no traffic on the road. We went there on impulse, so there was no Hornblower or Maid of the Mist Tour. I definitely want to do it on a future trip though. It’s a touristy area. Much like the Atlantic City Boardwalk; a lot of casinos, hotels, some shopping, food, mini golf and bowling.

Road trip to Niagara Falls. #niagarafalls #joannaetravels

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I’ve since visited Toronto in 2013 and this year for Caribana. Maybe next year I’ll visit the Aquarium, Shoe Museum and Zoo. We’ll see.

What are your favorite things to do in Toronto?

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