Disadvantages of Solo Travel

Disadvantages of Solo Travel

A few months ago, I wrote about the Benefits of Solo Travel. Unless I feel it’s necessary, solo travel is really my first choice. I’m ALWAYS looking for somewhere to go. I don’t mind company, but I won’t cancel my plans if my travel buddy does. Out of all the fun I have, there are some disadvantages of solo travel. Here are just a few disadvantages and possible workarounds you can use.


95% of the deals you see on Groupon and LivingSocial include an extra $200-300 or more if you’re travel solo. There have been very few that didn’t include this. Even if you’re using travel sites, you’re bound to pay more when you’re staying in a hotel. Accommodation alternative sites like airbnb, Flipkey and Home Away are a great option to save money when traveling solo. Just do your research as you would if you were choosing a hotel.

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Coming from a big family, I like my own space, but I do tend to miss my family members when going away. Along with the ‘no more than 5 consecutive days unless approved’ rule at work, I tend to not be gone for more than a week. Yes, you get to meet and greet new people, but it’s not the same as being at your dream destination (at the moment) with your closest friend. To keep in touch, you can always use your smartphone and share texts, pictures and video.

Picture Taking

Unless I’m brave, I have little to no pictures of myself when I go away. I love taking pictures and showing my travel through my eyes, but there are some days when I want to take that corny touristy photo like the one on Mt. Isabel de Torres. As tired as I am of selfies, selfie sticks or learning to take pictures using a tripod and camera remote are good tools. You can also just be brave and ask someone to take a picture. Most people will do it.

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The term “safety in numbers” is true. You’ll always feel safe in a group of trusted friends or family members wherever you go. An extra set of eyes, especially as a female traveler would be great, but not always an option. Try your best to avoid late flights or practice tips mentioned in my 5 tips for solo travel.

What do you feel are some other disadvantages of solo travel?

3 thoughts on “Disadvantages of Solo Travel

  1. Allison Jones

    I’ve never really considered traveling solo mainly due to safety concerns. I usually travel with my mom o my hubby, but I know a lot of people who love traveling alone. I never ever thought about most of these disadvantages because my friends who do travel solo totally love it.



  2. Sally Spirit (@Sallyspirit)

    I would take out loneliness for me.


    1. Joanna E

      At the time, I went on one or two solo trips. I’ve learned to appreciate the quiet time. 🙂


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