Cut and Color on Natural Hair at Wesley Styles NYC

color closeup

Back in April, I decided to get a cut a color for my birthday. Since getting a blowout, I know I needed a trim, so I contacted Tamika of Wesley Styles to do a cut and color. I’ve seen Tamika do hair demos several times at her shop and at hair events, so I already knew she does a great job.

Beauty Analysis at Wesley Styles NYC

As a new customer at Wesley Styles, I scheduled a beauty analysis to talk about color options, perform a skin allergy test with hair color as well as a hair strand test to see how the color I picked would look in my hair. Prior to my visit, I was encouraged by Tamika to bring pictures of cuts and colors that interested me.

Coloring and Shaping my Natural Hair

For “cutting day”, I was pretty excited so I decided to share via Snapchat. You can partially see my stingy ends and my excitement to get rid of them. After shaping my natural hair, we decided to do a halo highlight instead of a full head coloring.

before hair cut at Wesley Styles NYC


after shaping my hair at Wesley Styles NYC

Tamika styled my hair using the Wonder Curl Curl control Styling Lotion for a wash and go. I really liked the definition it gave and my hair was soft. When we first did the cut and color, I BARELY saw a difference and the only way I was really able to see it was in the sunlight. We decided to color it again on a visit shortly after my friend’s wedding. Below are the first, third and month differences.

Natural Hair shaping at Wesley Styles NYC


Cut and color


My overall cut and color experience was great. I don’t plan on coloring my hair, for a while, but I’ll be back for a trim. If you’re in the NYC area and looking for a stylist, visit the Wesley Styles NYC official website or follow Tamika or Instagram and Facebook. She is natural but provides hair care for all hair types.

Cut and Color on Natural Hair at Wesley Styles NYC

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