Winter Beauty Essentials

by Joanna E
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We’ve been having some nice weather for fall in NYC, but don’t be fooled – winter is right around the corner. In addition to stocking up on sweaters and boots, I prepare my hair and dry skin for the potential harsh weather. If you’re looking for hair or beauty items to add to your collection, here are some of my winter beauty essentials for hair and skin.

Winter Haircare

Cold weather for my hair means more protective styles and a slight change to my regular wash day routine. I put away the light oils and moisturizers and stock up on JBCO and heavy butter and creams. Here are my go-to beauty faves aka my “cold weather arsenal” for the fall and winter.

Winter Skincare Essentials

Nobody likes dry skin or cracked lips…ever. Beauty essentials are needed year round, not just for cute spring and summer nights. Here are some of my old and new cold weather beauty favorites.

Honorable mention goes to Colourpop Cosmetics. This brand has been my latest obsession with purchasing the Back to Cool Lippie Stix back in September. I recently stocked up on the Ultra Matte Lip and fell in love all over again. Because I KNOW I don’t need anything, I will save my coins for a beauty splurge in the spring.

What are your hair and beauty essentials for the cold weather?

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