Joanna E Best of 2017

Joanna E Best of 2017

On December 31, 2016, I posted my last photo of the year on Instagram with a quote from C.S. Lewis that read, “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” It meant something to me at the time of posting, but I had no idea that quote would be more relevant today. 2017 brought tons of opportunities for me as an individual and blogger. I went on my first press trip, built connections through events & conferences and challenged myself to grow and do better. If you haven’t caught up with posts, here’s a quick roundup of the best of 2017 on the blog and Instagram and what you can expect in 2018.

Best 9 on Instagram

The most likes received on Instagram were a general roundup of my brand: Travel, Beauty, Style and Me. With an exception of a throwback from Thailand, the photos shared some of my travels for 2017, new beauty favorites and enjoying my time in NYC. I’m hoping to share more food, home, and family content on Instagram next year.

best 9 on instagram

Top 5 Blog Posts

5 – 5 Tips for Planning a trip to Cuba

The trip Cuba on Memorial Day weekend was originally supposed to be with several people via a tour. I thought the planning was going to be hard, but after getting tips from friends and being part of a few Facebook groups dedicated to Cuba, it became much easier. In this post, I share some basic tips for first-time visitors and how you can get into Cuba the legal way.

4 – Ancestry DNA Kit Results

I’m African and Indian guys! I already knew that though. Taking the Ancestry DNA test only confirmed what I already knew from my mother’s test results. Of course, I learned a few more things that I didn’t know and it has made me think of traveling to parts of Africa that I hadn’t thought of visiting like Zambia, Tanzania, and Namibia

3 – How to Get to Montserrat from Barcelona via Train

Due to poor planning, I didn’t get to book a tour to Montserrat so I just ended up going on my own. The journey wasn’t difficult or uncomfortable and I saved some money along the way.

2 – Lasagna Stuffed Bell Peppers

Getting all the traffic from Google searches and Pinterest, anyone reading this post clearly likes to eat. 2018 look out for more low-carb home cooking experiments meals. 🙂

1 – What to Do and See in Martinique

Besides the fact that this was a sponsored post, writing about Martinique introduced my audience to a new travel destination and a birthday trip. Visiting Martinique was also funny because it was the first Caribbean Island I visited that cared nothing about my U.S. dollars. I need to practice more French or hire a driver on my next visit; taking a cab was VERY costly in Martinique.

Joanna E Best of 2017

What have been some of your highlights of 2017?

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