Ancestry DNA Kit Results

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A few months ago, I shared an overview of the Ancestry DNA kit process after sending my sample in the mail. My love for history, travel and my mother’s DNA kit results were all inspiration for trying it on my own. The average wait to get your Ancestry DNA Kit results is 6-8 weeks and I received my results in about four weeks.

Ancestry DNA kit results

As mentioned in order to see the results, you should have registered your Ancestry DNA activation online. After logging into to your account, select the DNA tab and go to Your DNA Results Summary. The DNA Results Summary page shows your Ethnicity Estimate, DNA Matches and DNA Circles based on your family tree. Below are my Ancestry DNA Kit results in detail:

  • 80% African
  • 14% Asian
  • 5% European
  • 1% Pacific Islander


  • Benin/Togo 23%
  • Ivory Coast/Ghana 19%
  • Mali 14%
  • Africa Southeastern Bantu 12%
  • Cameroon/Congo 11%
  • Senegal 1%


  • South Asia 11%
  • Central Asia 3%


  • Great Britain 3%
  • Finland/Northwest Russia <1%
  • Ireland <1%

Pacific Islander

  • Polynesia <1%

The big shocker to me honestly was European and Southeastern Bantu. I knew we had Irish heritage through my mother, but I didn’t think of Great Britain or Finland/Northwest Russia as options at all. South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Uganda are definitely places for me to think about when traveling in the future. I hope I can save up or find a flight deal in order to visit.

Ancestry DNA Kit Results

Have you taken an Ancestry DNA Kit before?

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  1. Mikelah

    Russia is surprising to me as well. This is cool. I definitely want to do this…we Caribbean people is one bag ah mix up!


    1. Joanna E

      lol for real! My dad is still convinced he’s part Chinese, so I encouraged him to take the test as well. Can’t wait to read about your experience. 🙂


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