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My name is JoAnna and I’m a NYC-based Travel and Lifestyle content creator. I am also a woman in tech and started blogging in 2013 as a way to continue practicing web design and web server administration. Initially, I wrote about my natural hair journey and it blossomed into a lifestyle space sharing how I balance travel and life while working full time in the Information Technology field.

About Joanna E

JoAnnaE.com is an extension of me! This platform documents my personal travels, shared travel tips and guides, product knowledge for items and services related to beauty, style, food, culture and more. My readers are interested in cultural travel, ecotourism, and adventure travel around the world with a mixture of budget to luxury accommodations as well as natural hair, beauty and fashion. Below are the main categories I cover on this blog

  • Travel – Since visiting Trinidad for a wedding in 2012, I’ve had a love for travel. Every year is an adventure as I try my best to ‘top’ the last trip. I share my journeys in and out of the U.S. doing family, group, and solo travel.
  • Beauty – I have tons of makeup so what better way to share my addiction love for beauty? I share product reviews, natural hair tutorials, and provide some beauty hacks.
  • Style – I absolutely love a good sale and opt for quality over cost. I have many style posts on the blog and do lookbooks and try-on/hauls via YouTube.
  • Me – Overall, this blog documents my growth on topics of friendships, work-life balance, home, food, and more. I take pride in my Caribbean background and am a HUGE advocate for Caribbean tourism. As a woman in technology, there are occasions where I share my journey as an African-American woman in a male-dominated industry.

Where to Find Me Online

You can get to know me better on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Make sure to subscribe to my monthly Newsletter so you never miss a post.

Work with Me

I love to collaborate with new and exciting people and brands. For inquiries, press, collaborations, sponsored posts, reviews, event hosting, speaking engagements, sponsorships, partnerships and much more, read more about how we can work together. If you need to contact me or to request a media kit, send an email to info@joannae.com or fill out the form in my Contact Page.

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