5 Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

5 Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram and other social media sites aren’t 100% necessary when running a blog, but it helps with post promotion, event coverage and provides quicker engagement with followers vs blog commenting. If you’re trying to figure out how to get more Instagram followers, keep reading.

Be Consistent

Post a photo every day or on a consist schedule. Posts can reflect your lifestyle, promote your blog, vlog, or business, feature followers or you can do all of the above. There ARE off days when you don’t want to post anything, but try your best to be as consistent as possible. Most of the time inconsistency leads to people unfollowing.

Using Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are just one way to filter pictures on Instagram, bringing likes, comments, and followers. My Instagram page pretty much reflects things that interest me much like my blog. I created personal #joannaetravels and #joannaeinNYC hashtags to filter out vacations and events in and out of my hometown. I also use hashtags in the food, family and travel categories or use the #ad tag to indicate it is a sponsored post. Irrelevant hashtags seem spammy and lead to those annoying ‘buy followers’ accounts tagging you.

Follow Within Your Niche

A lot of people use the “follow for follow” method online, but sometimes it doesn’t help when growing your brand in the long run. This method often turns into a ‘follow for follow, but I’ll unfollow in a few days’; sometimes within minutes. I’ve unfollowed a lot of pages due to no interest in their content and/or because I’ve been offended by a post. I’m not offended by unfollows though. Here are two reasons to follow bloggers and brands within your niche:

  • You know what’s trending
  • It’s good for collaborations (blog, video, events etc)


Engagement brings attention to someone who didn’t know your page existed or has seen your page before, but never followed for whatever reason. Leave likes or comments for followers that have frequently tagged or commented on photos. It shows that you’re not so “caught up” in your platform to not show love to the people that have helped it grow.

Quality Photos

People are visually drawn. Invest in a camera or a phone that takes quality photos. Learn to use your camera; there are tons of tutorials online that you can use as a resource. I use my phone to upload on Instagram, but I also have mirrorless cameras to upload photos. A good investment is a camera with built-in wifi or purchasing a wifi enabled SD card. I have both and they have been GREAT for uploading pictures for event coverage and trips.

Instagram pattern

Within a few weeks of implementing these practices, I’ve already seen a significant growth on my Instagram account. To get an idea if theme ideas, check out CreateHERStock‘s blog post.

What are some methods you’ve used to grow your Instagram platform?

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