5 Easy Ways To Get Paid As a Blogger – Even With a Small Following

by Joanna E
5 Ways To Get Paid As a Blogger
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Before my own platform, I started blogging back in 2004 on Xanga O_O. I had no clue I was even blogging at the time. I had a few friends on the platform and guess it was the “cool thing” to do as an 18-year old. Fast forward to almost 10 years later, I decided to document my natural hair journey and travels on blogspot, migrated to WordPress and completely change my blog to be more about my lifestyle. As easy and carefree as some make it seem, blogging is work and can be the main source of income depending on the direction you take it. If you’re new to the blogging business and thinking about expanding your platform, here are five ways you can get paid as a blogger.


The easiest way to start monetizing your blog (or vlog if you’re on YouTube) is by placing ads. So it doesn’t interfere with the user experience, it is usually suggested that 2-3 ads are placed on your page if you’re going that route. Popular ad networks you can sign up for are:

There are tons more, you can look more online as you do your research to see which one best fits your niche. For Google Adsense, you can use it for your website or Youtube Channel.

Event Hosting

As you build a following on your blog, vlog, social media or your email list, you can opt to host events. It can be something as simple as a “thank you” meet and greet, being a member of a panel discussion or working with a brand you have previously partnered with as an ambassador at an expo.

5 Ways to get paid as a blogger

Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links can be done through ads and/or links. Links can be pay per click or pay per action. The good thing about affiliate links are the services are very broad. You can get links for travel, clothing, beauty items, children’s products, books and services by other bloggers or business owners. As with ad networks, there are tons of affiliate networks. Here are just a few:

Sponsored Posts

Even if you have a small following, you can monetize by doing sponsored posts on your blog or social media. Join influencer networks and apply to campaigns you think you are eligible for based on your social media reach, website page views or content quality. As your platform grows, you can also work with PR firms or brands directly for sponsored posts and videos. Make sure you are following current FTC guidelines and have an updated disclosure policy when doing so.

Sell a Product or Service

Although blogging may start out as a hobby, many begin to incorporate their talent into services that are related to the niche. Create quick reference guides for parenting, fitness, a country or a city. If you’re a blogger that makes clothing and accessories, start selling your products through an online store. Start an e-course. There are many possibilities. When selling a service, just remember to stay authentic to your brand and it isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme.

5 Ways To Get Paid As a Blogger


What are some other ways to get paid as a blogger?

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