5 Tips For Starting A Successful Blog

There are millions of blogs online and hundreds that are started everyday. Most people see the end result, but blogging is more than free dinners, celebrity interviews and getting products. They don’t see the amount of work that goes into to choosing topics, creating content and promoting your work. As a newbie, you may not know where to start, but here are 5 tips that can help when your goal is to have a successful blog.

Determine your reason for blogging
You have to know why you want to blog. I often laugh when vlogger Jouelzy says she started her Youtube channel for free weave, but if that’s the reason, why not? You never know how big your platform can get.

Choose a niche
Decide what you want to write about. It’s totally up to you, but there are times when changes are made. As I mentioned before, most of my first posts were hair related. Last year, I started writing more about my travel experience and decided to go that route instead of writing exclusively on Natural Hair.

Set realistic goals
In the blogging world you HAVE to stay relevant. Consistency is key. If you’re a parent, work full time and have other responsibilities, unless you’re superman or sacrificing sleep (which many do), there’s no way it’s hard to put out content daily. Set a goal of having at least one post a week. As opportunities and ideas come, you can expand to write posts at least 2-3 times on a weekly basis. You need to have enough relevant content in order to keep your audience. I suggest you have at least 3-5 posts so new readers can get a feel for your writing style during a blog launch. Of course there are successful blogs that start with one post, but don’t just write one and forget about it.

Create quality content
There’s no use posting stories and the content isn’t your best. Work on your posts before they go live and make sure they’re of good quality. As time goes by, you also have the ability to edit and create follow ups to existing posts.

Join a blogging community
I’m pretty sure there are people that figure things out on their own, but blogging communities have helped me so much as a new blogger. I highly suggest joining Meetup or Facebook groups with other bloggers in and outside of your niche. It builds relationships that may result in collaboration and cross promotion, eventually expanding your brands.

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What else do you think is needed in order to have a successful blog?

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