3 Ways I’m Looking to Grow in 2017

3 Ways I'm Looking to Grow in 2017

I took a break for the past few days to spend time with friends and family, practice self-care and map out how I want this year to go. Last year I set goals and pushed myself to Do Better and it resulted in me becoming [somewhat] more consistent and realizing the value I have on the platforms I’ve created. I decided that my goal for 2017 will be Growth.

Grow /ɡrō/ verb

  • to become larger or greater over a period of time; increase.
  • cause (something, especially a business) to expand or increase.

Grow on Social Media

Since starting photo funday at the end of the summer, I started posting better quality photos and saw more engagement online. I finally hit milestones on Twitter and Instagram and hope to continue the trend of gaining more followers through my online platforms.

Grow my Business

While I do blog for fun, it has developed into a business for me whether it be through a sponsored post, becoming a brand ambassador or hosting an event. I get tons of social media and travel questions offline, so I’m looking to grow a business out of it within the coming months.

Grow Professionally

Contrary to most bloggers, I am not looking to quit my job and blog full time anytime soon. I enjoy writing about my experiences, but I love working in the technical field. This year I’m looking forward to new responsibilities that are being presented to me on the job; hopefully, a new position will come out of it.

3 Ways I'm Looking to Grow in 2017


What goals have you set in place for 2017?

6 thoughts on “3 Ways I’m Looking to Grow in 2017

  1. Daria

    Awesome JoAnna! Kudo’s too and I wish you all the best in your new endeavors on your job and blogging world. Thanks for sharing your goals for 2017.


  2. Edwige

    Wishing you continued growth in 2017!

    Edwige (Blmgirl) | http://www.hypnozglam.com


  3. Toia

    Love it! I’m a SAHM but I share your first 2 goals. My IG audience kinda plateaued so I wanna figure out why and implement some new strategies to get more engagement. Also wanna continue to grow my brand.


    1. Joanna E

      Consistency and comment pods have really helped. I’ve only been trying for the past few weeks, but it is working.


  4. Allison Jones

    I’m looking to grow the same ways this year! I wish you all the best. Thank you so much for linking up on the Thursday Three Link Party on LiveLifeWellBlog.com. I hope to see your posts again in the future.



  5. Amber

    I definitely want to grow professionally as well. I’m looking forward to see all your continued growth this year!!


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