3 Things I Learned in 2015

It’s the last day of the year and there have been so many changes for me in and out of my blogging life. The only goal I set for myself was to be happier and I really did reach it. With everything I went through, here are three things I learned in 2015.

I’m Good at What I Do

At my job and in blogging, I doubt my work all the time. Even after blogging for over two years, I finally started sharing posts on social media. I’m still hesitant to share, but the “secret” is out.

On two occasions, my posts from Type 4 Naturals were on the Blogher front page, I was able to get syndicated in the Huffington Post and the Curacao Tourism Board shared my post on their Facebook page, bringing in tons of new followers and page views. All of this was done through me just putting myself out there even if I virtually “ran away” when clicking submit.

2015 Blogher

Family is Important

I often get consumed in work and ‘where to next’ that I neglected my family. In the second half of the year, I made the decision to take blogging breaks and spend more time with them.

I thought it was disappointing to see people that knew about my blog promote others’ content over my own, but my family has been supportive with and without me asking. If it is a social share, comment, being a co-navigator on a road trip, or my brother driving with me for 30-40 minutes to Walmart so I can write a post. Whatever was done, it is appreciated.

What’s For Me Will Be For Me

I don’t ask for patience because I know the consequences, but I don’t like waiting for something I really want either. At the end of the day, what’s mine will always be mine as long as I put in work for it.

2015 Happy New Year
What have you learned this year?

One thought on “3 Things I Learned in 2015

  1. Allison Jones

    I honestly learned the same things this year! I’m glad we both learned such great lessons and I’m excited to see them applied in 2016.

    Happy New Year,


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