3 Reasons You Need A Driver’s License

March 26, 2003…I don’t remember why I stayed home from school, but I remember going to the DMV in Jamaica Center for my brother to take his written test for a learner’s permit. Since I was of age, my mother thought it was best for me to take it also. Without even reading the manual, I got 3 questions wrong. Not bad for a first time.

I live in NYC so it’s not a surprise when someone says they don’t have a driver’s license. Up until last week, I’ve had a learner’s permit almost 12 years to date. Yes, I’m happy, but with no car and knowing insurance will probably be as high as my rent, it is definitely nothing to boast about. Below are 3 reasons you need a Driver’s License.

1. For Travel

Of course this would be MY number one reason. Can you say freedom? You aren’t restricted on where you can go as long as the destination has a road. Being someone that loves to travel, money spent on cabs can now be used on services like zip car or a rental car. I personally don’t have to wait on the possibility of someone dropping me off or picking me up; I have the choice to do it on my own.

2. For Work

In my early twenties, I was turned down by a few jobs because of my failure to have a license. Rather than being motivated to getting one, I simply said “that’s not the job for me”. It could’ve been true, but if it is a good paying job in the field that you want, getting that license should be your priority.

3. For Emergencies

I was always told this, but I didn’t really pay attention to it until I got older. From physical injures to drunken nights anything can happen to your driver. In my case, it was a breakup and moving out on my own so I had to solely depend on Public Transportation. It took almost 4 years and my younger sister getting her license to have that light go off, but if I am needed, I can be available.

What are some other reasons for needing a Driver’s License?

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